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Wang Yuxiang Visiting CQPI

2017-05-24 18:00:49 Chongqing Pump Read


Wang Yuxiang Visiting CQPI


On May 23rd, the delegation led by Wang Yuxiang, President of CME(Chongqing Machinery & Electric (Holding)Group), visited CQPI for desk research, together with other CME management members including Mrs. Chen Ping, General Manager of CQME(Chongqing Machinery & Electic Co., Ltd., listed company in Hong Kong) , Mr. Zhao ZichengVice General Manager of CME. CQPI management team presented warm welcome and accompanied the throughout research, led by Li Fangzhong and Li Wei, the Presient and Party Chief of CQPI.



In course of the research, Mr. Wang with the team made an onfield workshop tour to understand the situation and progress of the first-line production, lean management, and 5S program; then held a meeting to listent to operation report from CQPI management; finally expressed satisfaction with the CQPI management performance, meanwhile raising new expecations and requirements to CQPI alined with CME strategic planning and annual targets.