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NDT Witness Training

2021-10-28 21:52:28 Chongqing Pump Read




Aiming to improve quality and skills of witness staff and strengthen understanding of NDT, CQPI recently organized a special training on "NDT Knowledge of Witnesses". Up to 36 persons from quality inspection, quality assurance, civil nuclear, physical and chemical NDT center, purchase and other relevant departments participated in the training, which was tutored by Huang Jiaquan, senior expert on nondestructive testing. Mr. Pan Zhimin, Deputy General Manager of CQPI, presented the whole training together with other relevant managers.



The whole course started with basic knowledge of radiographic test principles as well as equipment and instrument, combined with contents of real radiographic test report of CQPI, expanding relevant NDT knowledge in simple terms with easier theories and actual practice for NDT witnesses in implementing customer quality tests.


Earlier this year, CQPI’s non-destructive testing center(NDTC) passed CNAS laboratory accreditation certification, meanwhile acquiring the license to use CNAS registration number and logo within scope of accreditation capability.

This indicates that CQPI’s physical and chemical testing ability and management level have been recognized by national organizations, and further enhance its competitiveness domestically and globally.(Source-CQPI;English-YYG)