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Successful performance commissioning of vertical backwash pump

2021-02-24 08:49:19 Chongqing Pump Read


Recently, the company developed a new generation of nuclear equipment vertical backwash pump hydraulic performance one-time debugging qualified. The vertical backwash water pump is a nuclear safety level 3 equipment newly developed by our company. It has many specifications and models, a large number of supplies, a wide range of operating parameters and strict technical requirements. It is the first set of equipment for nuclear power products to change from single type small batch to multi type large batch.

为满足批量化需求,立式反冲洗水泵在保证安全及性能的前提下,以“通用化”为基本设计准则,同兼顾了尺寸公差、设备重量、材料选择、装配安装的通用化和标准化。试验结果显示,其振动、噪声、温度等机械指标值非常优异,均优于行业标准。In order to meet the needs of mass production, the vertical backwash water pump takes "generalization" as the basic design criterion on the premise of ensuring safety and performance, and takes into account the generalization and standardization of dimensional tolerance, equipment weight, material selection, assembly and installation. The test results show that the vibration, noise, temperature and other mechanical index values are very excellent, which are better than the industry standard.