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Supervisory Board focused on the successful conclusion of the inspection

2016-04-25 10:35:16 Chongqing Pump Read


March 3, mechanical and electrical stock company supervision and examination department of the company Supervisory Board conducted a site inspection of the company's management performance and fully affirmed. At the same time, I expressed appreciation for the work of the Board of Supervisors will close production supervision and management mode to carry out, and I hope to carry on the Supervisory Board oversight role in safeguarding and promoting the work of the business to a new level.

Electrical Group Supervisory Board in accordance with the notification requirements, the Supervisory Board re-pump in January-February 2016 period to carry out inspections focused fiscal 2015.

The checks, mainly the implementation of national policies on evaluation of enterprises, laws and regulations, owned Assets Supervision and system conditions; annual corporate operating results, financial capacity, profits quality, cost control situation; and enterprise risk management, implementation of annual strategic and sustainable development many were focused on inspection; and corporate board of directors, management layer and chairman, President, Chief financial Officer evaluated individuals were to perform their duties. Overall inspection and evaluation at the end of February 2016 all over.