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Heavy Pump Company conscientiously implement the Group in 2016 will be the spirit of anti-corruption work

2016-04-25 10:29:29 Chongqing Pump Read


February 26, the company re-organized the pump center group will expand Publicizing Electrical Group 2016 Clean construction and anti-corruption work will be the spirit of all the team members of the company and assistants attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the party secretary Li Wei.


At the meeting, Comrade Li Wei seriously convey, deputy party secretary of the group learning, work reports and party secretary of the Discipline Committee Pingwan Tao, Wang Yuxiang, chairman of an important speech. Ping Shuji reports from seven summarizes the 2015 building of Party style and anti-corruption work, and focus on the 2016 work style building and anti-corruption work arrangements are arranged in six aspects. Through careful study and discussion, combined with four brothers and enterprises, 2015 Clean and Honest and Clean work report said responsibility, the company leadership team members more clearly their job responsibilities and "A Pair of responsibility" responsibility, and in strict accordance with the " Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations, "the six discipline requires a self-examination. Meeting called to Wang Yuxiang, chairman at the meeting of "grasp the situation, clarify responsibilities, deep reflection, the courage to act" as a guideline heavy pump company in 2016 to carry out construction work style and anti-corruption work, and earnestly carry out corporate corruption Honest.


Finally, the chairman of the heavy pumps and general manager Li Fangzhong combined company's production and operation, requiring team members to conscientiously implement the Clean and Honest, in strict accordance with the "triple a big" decisions with the regulations, seriously implement the "A Pair of responsibility" responsibility .