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Offshore Seminar: Water Injection & Oil Transfer

2019-01-31 16:32:57 Chongqing Pump Read


Offshore Seminar: Water Injection & Oil Transfer


Source from CQPI Information, On January 17-18, the "Technical Seminar on High Pressure Water Injection Pumps and Crude Oil Transport Pumps for Offshore Platforms" was solemnly held in Chongqing, more than 50 guests and experts from CNOOC Beijing Research Center, Offshore Petroleum Engineering, CNOOC Tianjin/ Zhanjiang/ Shenzhen/ Shanghai Branch, Siemens (China) , German Sulda Special Valve Co., Ltd., and Voith Shanghai, Huahui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Chongqing Machinery & Electric Holding and CQPI attended the seminar. Mr. Peng Zhong, Deputy General Manager of CQPI, hosted the meeting, and Mr.  Zhao Zicheng, Deputy General Manager of CME, presented the meeting and delivered a welcoming speech.



This meeting was sponsored by CNOOC, co-sponsored by Beijing Research Center of CNOOC (China), implemented by CQPI. The purpose is to promote the continuous increase of production and efficiency in offshore oilfields, assist the operating companies to complete the upgrading and transformation of in-service water injection pumps and transfer pumps, and solve the technical problems encountered in new projects like oil and water pressurization, so as to better promote the technology of high-pressure water injection pumps and crude oil transfer pumps, to meet the development needs of offshore oil industry in the long run.(YYG)